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The K6 Series Low Voltage Lighting Control Panels provide all of the automation features and programmable control tools required for centralized lighting control applications. The cards that compose them are interoperable in a network "Native BACnet" version IP or MSTP.

Each panel is:

  • Practical design offering easy installation and high efficiency running
  • Removable hinged door with key lock
  • Box knockouts are located on both side of the enclosure to facilitate wire and conduit entries
  • Composed of a galvanized mounting bottom, its construction includes a set of:
    • mounting holes to receive 20 A HID relay groups and their control cards
    • low voltage gutters for control wiring 24 V AC c / a safety cover
    • line voltage compartment c/w cover plate
    • voltage divider for securing multi-voltage line circuits
    • integrated control transformer


Color Enclosures & steel doors are coated with ANSI/ASA 61 gray baked enamel
8 & 16-Relay Panels 8 & 16-relay panel made of cold-rolled 16 gauge steel
32 & 64-Relay Panels 32 and 64-relay panel made of cold-rolled 14 gauge steel (built for 24, 32, 48 & 64 relays configuration)
Mounting Plates Galvanised plated removable mounting plates
Protection Plates Galvanised zinc plated protection plates
Electrical - 120/277/347 VAC multi-tap transformer
- 120, 277, 347 and 480 volts
Environment - Temperature 0 to 50° C (32 to 112° F)
- Humidity (non-condensing) 10 to 90%
Certifications - UL listed, CSA
- Assembly ISO 9001:2008
System characteristics
  • The astronomical clock provides the time control functions of your building
  • Automatic calculation of sunrise and sunset times based on date and geographical data
  • Automatic updates of all schedules for DST changes
  • Programmable directly by the user via KCF600 console
  • Interoperable centralized control software for building automation control through control and lighting control management algorithms such as:
    • sweep ON/OFF
    • manual OFF
    • time-ON extension
    • flick Warning
    • motion Sensing
    • cleaning/security
    • dimming
    • daylighting and daylight harvesting
    • photocell
    • astronomical time clock
Robust and reliable HID relay
  • Lockable type ON/OFF
  • 20-amp mechanical latching relay, 1 or 2 poles 277/347 volts, 2 poles @ 480 VAC
  • 2-wire control systems
  • 2-wire control systems


Designed for BACnet centralized automation functions, the K6 panel series is designed for your control applications in medium and large buildings such as universities, educational buildings, stadiums, arenas, department stores large-scale office buildings, etc. All cards are programmable in a BACnet-compatible IP / MSTP centralized network for centralized building automation applications required for BMS / BAS pairing and include:

  • a KS600 BACnet control console (BACtalk)
  • a BACnet node card and an astronomical clock KC-600
  • (BACnet card with Modbus outputs (4)
  • a sequencer card for control of low voltage relays KC-631 and KC-632
  • a KC-621 digital control input board


  • Multi-voltage separator (120/277/347 volts)
  • Doors for flush mount, invisible screws
  • Drip hoods (surface mount only)
  • Custom panel designs on request
  • NEMA 2, 3R, 12, 4X etc.
  • Web server and IP network server
  • K800 configuration and application software c/w graphic control and display


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