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The CRISTALCONTROLS family of ceiling mount occupancy sensors provides a range of control solutions for spaces with finished ceilings (e.g., tilrd, sheetrock and plaster). Preferred by contractors for their simple, yet flexible, mounting methods,CRISTALCONTROLS sensors reduce installation time and fuss. CRISTALCONTROLS products utilize the latest passive infrared technology and digital signal processing techniques to provide unmatched detection performance. Additionally,CRISTALCONTROLS units are available with an integrated microphone to provide overlapping passive acoustic occupancy detection for rooms with obstructions or where occupant motion will be limited. Enhanced options for this sensor family include a photocell that will override lights off if sufficient ambiant light is present and an isolated relay for interfacing external systems (e.g., HVAC/ BAS).

Basic Operation

Sensors detect movement in the infrared energy that radiates from occupants as they move within the devices field-of-view. Once occupancy is identified, the sensor signals a connected power/relay pack to switch on the connected lighting. If equipped with passive dual technology (PIR/Acoustic), the unit’s microphone is then also enabled to further enhance detection while the lights are on. An internal timer is set to keep lights on during brief periods of inactivity, and is reset every time occupancy is signaled by either the passive infrared or acoustic detection technologies.

Code Compliance

This wall switch sensor can be used to meet many requirements of ASHRAE 90.1 (2016), IECC (2015) and Title 24 (2016).


Operating voltage 12-24 VAC/VDC
Current Draw
2mA (PIR models)
10mA (Dual Tech. models)
Output Logic High VDC (Occupied Mode)
Recommended power pack CC-SWX-900
Isolated relay rating 1A @ 30 VDC/VAC
Operating temp -10° to 122°F (14° to 50°C)
Relative humidity 0-95% Non-Condensing, Indoor Use Only
4.00” Diameter x 1.25” H
(10.16 x 3.17 cm)
Weight 4.75 oz
Color White
Time delays
30 sec to 30 min
10 Minute Default
  • Digital Passive Infrared (PIR) Detection
  • Passive Acoustic Detection (optional)
  • 360° Coverage Pattern
  • Compact Size and Matte Finish
  • Four Contractor Friendly Mounting Methods
  • Mounting Nipple Attachment with Integrated Hole Saw
  • Convenient Test Mode and Adjustable Time Delays
  • Optional Photocell & Isolated Relay


A single sensor can be used in small spaces like a private office, however multiple low voltage sensors can be easily wired together to provide coverage forlarger spaces like an open office.

  • Private Restrooms
  • Small Office
  • Break Room
  • Copy Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Hallways
  • Open Aeras


Fiche technique

Fiche technique
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