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The LS-2010 system is an energy management system.

  • Cristal Controls LS-2010 is our most advanced energy control system.
  • It is programmed with an application accessible from any web browser.
  • When fully programmed, the LS-2010 controls the heating and cooling outputs to respond to desired energy consumption, temperature and schedules.


  • Up to thousands of outputs (dry or pulse contact)
  • Internet / Ethernet communication
  • Integrated astronomical timetable and calendar
  • Load cycle management
  • Internet ready
  • 12 instructions (1 / month)
  • Generator management
  • Multiple data acquisition
  • Design of reports and curves in various formats
  • Real-time access
  • Adjustment of the setpoint according to the outside temperature
  • Unlimited outings
  • Wireless ready


Supply Dedicated 120-1-60 circuit
Inputs - Outdoor temperature sensor (10K @ 25 ° C, temperature curve # 1 from Dale, # 12 from Mamac, # 2 from Bapi, # 2 from Greystone)
- Operating range: -44 ° C to 35 ° C, resolution of 1 ° C
- Current transformers 0-5 Vdc for each phase
- Integrated current and voltage reader in Jasper
Ouputs 8 or 16 x 1A @ 24 Vac, dry contact type
Panel size NEMA-1: 36 ″ x24 ″ x4,62 ″


  • The LS-2010 was designed to monitor and control the maximum energy consumption of a building, regardless of the load, whether 50 Kw or thousands of megawatts. The LS-2010 will manage and prioritize the necessary loads in order to respect the maximum energy consumption while taking comfort into account.
  • In order to provide maximum control over energy management, the LS-2010 offers selection of outputs (see technical documentation).
  • The LS-2010 also offers energy management that takes into account the outside temperature. For example, when the temperature is colder than a preset level, the LS-2010 will increase the allocated level of heating so that the occupants maintain an optimal level of comfort.
  • The LS-2010 has an integrated calendar to use 12 different consumption guidelines (1 per month).
  • The basic LS-2010 has 8 outputs but can be increased in increments of 8 or simply assisted by our smart thermostats of the CCTHV series.



791.65 kB
466.46 kB

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Panel View
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