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Cristal Controls’ CCTC-302 is a HVAC controller which can be used stand-alone or with BACnet communication. It has 2 dry contact outputs. Also, it has 3 dry contact inputs and one remote sensor input for a (10K ohms) temperature sensor.

The CCTC-302 software allows many adjustments of the heating and cooling algorithm. His flexibility allows the control of many output types according to the software’s configuration.


Microcontroller Freescale MCF51QE128
Communication RS-485 / BACnet MS/TP
Supply voltage 24 Vca
Power supply 100 mA (excluding accessories)
Operating temperature 10 °C à 45 °C (50 °F à 113 °F)
Storage temperature -30 °C à 80 °C (-22 °F à 176 °F)
Ouputs 2x dry contact NO, 100 mA @ 24 Vac / 24 Vdc
 3x dry contact (with 1 common for the 3 inputs)
 1x 10K Ohms thermistor input
 Term. : RS-485 termination of 120Ω
 JP2: Configuration
 JP3: Configuration
 JP4: Reset configuration
Dimensions 4.0″ x 0.7″ (102.5mm x 17.5mm)


This software provides simple thermostat functions. The inputs and outputs of the thermostat can be configured as needed using the Cristal Controls “BACnet Browser” software application. Up to two stages can be configured. Two cooling stages dry-contacts type and two heating stages dry-contacts type. With the BACnet objects, it is possible to: apply occupied or unoccupied mode, do some shedding by adjusting maximum power for the thermostat and select heating or cooling mode only. All outputs can be controlled directly but some are also controlled from the thermostat application.



620.97 kB
679.87 kB

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