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The CCTHV-407 thermostat from Cristal Controls is a thermostat operating in stand-alone mode or with an RS-485 communication port supporting the BACnet MS / TP protocol.

In stand-alone mode, the thermostat operates like a standard electronic thermostat (pulsation of a 24 VAC output depending on the ambient temperature). The very complete algorithm of the CCTHV-407 can be adjusted by several configurations, making it a thermostat that harmonizes with all kinds of situations.

Dans sa version complète il est doté de 7 sorties et 4 entrées. (2 heat, 2 cool, 1 fan, 1 aux, Occupation et plus)

Available models

  • 4 contact outputs
  • 2 triac 24 VAC outputs
  • 1 analog output 0-10 VDC
  • 2 contact inputs
  • 1 analog input 0-10 VDC
  • 1 external probe input 10K
  • 24 VAC low voltage power supply
  • RS-485 network communication
  • display backlight


Voltage 19V to 24Vac
Current 45mA typical, 80mA max.
Operating temperature -0 ° C to 40 ° C (59 ° F to 86F)
Storage temperature -40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 176°F )
Dimension 4″5/8 x 3″3/16
Humidity 0% to 95% relative humidity without condensation
Reading Temperature reading accuracy: +/- 0.1 ° C (+/- 0.2 ° F)
Connection Screw connector
Operating range Temperature setpoint range: 15 ° C to 30 ° C (59 ° F to 86 ° F)
Inputs 2 x dry contact type (1 shared common)

1 x analog type 0-10 VDC (30K impedance)

1 x temperature input for 10K probe (WS-100 from Cristal controls)

1 x 0-10VDC input configurable for extended temperature reading (0 ° C to 100 ° C or -50 ° C to 50 ° C).

Ouputs 4 x dry contact type, 1A at 24 VAC

2 x triac type (500mA max. Limited by fuse)

1 x analog type 0-10 VDC (5mA max. Limited by fuse)

Probe Internal and external (not included)
Mounting 4x mountng holes
Display Alphanumeric with logo
Warranty Standard two years limited warranty
  • CCTHV-407-ASCII (Basic ASCII with ASCII communication)
  • CCTHV-407-MODBUS (MODBUS, complete)
  • CCTHV-407 (BACnet, complete)
  • CCTHV-407-LS (BACnet, lightweight)
  • CCTHV-304 (BACnet, 2 zones, pull tab, Ext T °)
  • CCTHV-102 (BACnet, 2 zones, light)


It is perfect for operators of multi-residential and commercial buildings, it allows advanced management by the owner, in an automated way.

Via a BACnet system, it can easily allow remote management of premises occupancy, temperature monitoring and configuration.

Only Thermostat with a variable "PowerLimit" facilitating any load shedding system to limit the power according to the monitoring of the building consumption, without affecting occupant comfort.

In needy settings, it can serve as a point for a call-on-call system. (Zipper)

A perfect ally for energy efficiency and automatic regulation of your building.

Maintain and continuously increase the performance of your building with the CCTHV-407 thermostat.

Here are the compatible curves for some manufacturers of 10K sensors:

  • Dale curve # 1
  • ATP curve Z
  • BAPI curve # 2
  • Mamac curve # 12
  • Greystone curve # 2.

Explanation of the operation with the different variables of the CCTHV.



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