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The CC-ZIN is a simple stand-alone controller for lighting control relays

  • The new CC-ZIN features 2 independent outputs and 2 independent inputs, which can be assigned to control WR-6161 relays.
  • Each output can control up to 4 Wr-6161 relays for a total of 8 per CC-ZIN.
  • The CC-ZIN settings are done using the jumpers’ section.
  • The 2 outputs can be set using jumpers either to controls WR-6161 Panasonic relays or to hold 24 Vac signal.
  • The 2 independent inputs can accept the following signals:
    • Dry contact
    • 5-30Vca-cc
    • Motion sensors


Supply 24 VAC, with a typical consumption 25 mA and a maximum consumption of 200 mA during a change of state (1 relay WR6161 per output)
Ouputs - 2 X 24 Vac rectified positively or negatively for Panasonic low-voltage relay or 24Vac continuous.
- 2 X 24VDC halfwave to power detectors, max 200mA combined.
- Up to 4 relays per output or 200mA in continuous 24Vac mode.
Inputs 2x high impedance (80 KΩ).
Dimensions - Assembly unit in 35mm DIN rail housing. Designed for factory installation in a Crystal Panel Controls.
– 3.5″ X 2.2″ X 0.7″


  • The CC-ZIN is used to control 2 zones at the same time. The inputs can be set as "On" only or "Off" only.
  • Many type of control devices can be connected to the inputs : Astronomical time clock, photocell, motion sensor, dry contact switch.
  • The CC-ZIN has been design with easy to use jumpers for all settings.



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