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The CCLDIM board is a communicating modulating room controller DALI or BACnetMS/TP

  • The CCLDIM provides stand-alone 0-10V (sink / source) LED power and ballast control or DALI or BACnetMSTP network control.
  • A pulsed relay output is used to turn ON / OFF a circuit on a relay type WR-6161.
  • Several functions and types of buttons can be connected to it, each button can have a programmable function according to the application.


Power supply for accessories 24VDC 100mA
Communication Compatible with BACnet MSTP and DALI. Also available in DMX version.
Button Installer test (0/50/100)
LED Status indicator lamp
Inputs - 1x digital for dimmers with 2 dry contacts
- 1x digital for motion detector
- 1x analogue for Luxmeter or potentiometer
Ouputs – 1x 0-10 Vdc:

. Sink: 50 ballastes Philips Advance “Mark 7”
. Source: 10 mA max

- 1x WR for pulse relay (max 3 relays in parallel)
- 1x dry contact NO for relay or powerpack (Max capacity 24Vac / dc, 100mA)

Typical consumption 100mA (250mA when changing state)
Mounting on DIN rail 35mm
Maximum distances for 0-10V control wires:
– #18 AWG wires = 50m
– #16 AWG wires = 100m
– #14 AWG wires = 150m


  • Whether on a simple open / close or a preprogrammed scene call, the CCLDIM offers tremendous flexibility to suit any application.
  • This controller has the intelligence and logic to manage different control accessories.
  • Through its inputs, also allows controlling a room by motion detection or by light detection.
  • The closing or closing warning times during motion detection can be modified by the network.
  • The CCLDIM also allows to control a dimming zone according to the contribution of natural light.
  • A setpoint is programmed in the controller to allow an automatic dimming in order to respect this one.



555.58 kB
549.08 kB

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