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Daylighting control photocell sensors (CES\I, CES\O, CES\A and CES\S) and the CCLK-1004 photocell controller provide indoor, outdoor, or skylight control of lighting circuits based on natural daylight. The sensors and controller are able to provide coverage for any application. The photocell sensors light level measurements to an analog signal that is sent to Cristal room controller (CCLDIM) or the astronomical time clock (CCLK-1004) control module to control area lighting by switching banks of lights on and off or with 0-10V dimming. The sensors are factory calibrated and sensitivity is adjustable through the control module. The indoor sensor has a flat Fresnel lens that looks downward in a 60-degree cone of reference to measure actual light on the work surface. The outdoor sensor is enclosed in a weatherproof housing with a visor for shading and lens protection. The Atrium and Skylight sensors both use diffusing dome lenses to provide a 180-degree angle of photodiode response.



Accuracy +/-1% @ 21°C (70°F); Derated to +/-5% when above 49°C (120°F) or below 18°C (50°F)
Operating temperature -11°C to +60°C (-13°F to 150°F)
18/3AWG (600ft max
Red: Pos. +24VDC input
Black: -24VDC common
Yellow: 0-10VDC Output to CCLDIM or CCLK-1004 controller
Sensitivity ranges / size / mounting Preset minimum value, adjustable maximum value.
  • Multiple sensor options available.
  • Coverage is available for all daylight harvesting applications - indoor, outdoor, atrium and skylight.
Cat No. Application Min. Factor. set max. Ajust. max. Mounting Orient. Height Dia.
CES\I Indoor 0 fc. 100 fc. 50-750 fc. Ceiling,max 10′ Down 2.00″ 1.23″
CES\O Outdoor 0 fc. 250 fc. 50-750 fc. 1/2″ IPT Horiz. 1.85″ 1.28″
CES\A Atrium 2 fc. 1 000 fc. 200-2500 fc. 1/2″ IPT Horiz. 2.25″ 1.28″
CES\S Skylight 10 fc. 5000 fc. 1000-7500 fc. 1/2″IPT Up 2.25″ 1.28″



Supply with the low voltage source of an electronic dimming ballast T5 or T8.
Output 0-10V
Range 10-140fc
Factory calbration Factory NIST traceable
On-site calibration using a 25 turn potentiometer with a range of 10 to 140fc.
Standard UL 916 Listed, Compliant with California Title 24
Warranty 2 years


  • Offices
  • Classrooms
  • Atriums
  • Commercial
  • Meeting rooms



452.25 kB
453.13 kB


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