The Cristal Controls LS-Pulse is a pulse counter operating in a standalone mode or a communication mode, allowing readings and display of power and energy from an electrical meter pulse output or current transformers with voltage output. A few additional input and outputs are available for general use through BACnet. The LS-Pulse is part of the Jasper LS-2010 product series and is usually factory install within a LS-2010 panel and set.


Microcontroller Freescale MCF51QE128
Communication RS-485 / BACnet MSTP
Supply voltage 18 – 28 Vac « Half Wave »
Power supply 40 mA typique, 50 mA max
Operating temperature 10ºC à 45ºC (50ºF à 113ºF)
Storage temperature -30ºC à 80ºC (-22ºF à 176ºF)


The LS-Pulse monitor allows reading and displaying of the actual power, the energy consumption as well as modifying and displaying the power setpoint from the Cristal Controls energy management system.

Three reading types are possible for power measurement:

  • By pulse reading from an electric meter
  • By reading a voltage from a current transformer or any other electrical equipment
  • Via the BACnet interface of the counter



820.52 kB
658.82 kB

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