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The CCLK-1004 is a programmable astronomical clock and a daylight controller.

  • The CCLK-1004 controller manages 4 digital outputs by schedule, by photocell or by astronomical events. These 4 outputs can be programmed on CCLS-4016 inputs. Each output is activated base on an activation setpoint and a de-activation setpoint assisted by a time setpoint.
  • The schedules and the photocell can be use on the same output.
  • Actions are performed so as event-driven, that is to say the photocell controls are performed during the transitions with a setpoint regardless of whether a schedule command has arrived before or have been programmed after.
  • The CCLK-1004 uses the BACnet communication protocol when integrated with abuilding control system.


Supply voltage 18-28VAC «Half Wave»
Power supply Typical 180mA, 220mA maximum
Inputs (Sensor) 1x Analogue 0-10VDC uninsulated (in 30K impedance) for photocells
Ouputs (K1-4) 4 x maintained type dry contact 1A @ 24VAC / 30VDC for relay
Microcontroller Freescale MCF52235
Communication TCP / IP BACnet IP (unshielded twisted-pair CAT-5 cable and RJ-45 connector)
Operating temperature 0 °C to 50 °C (32° F to 122 °F).
Storage temperature -20 °C to 70 °C (-4 °F to 158 °F)
Memory EEprom-record configuration 512 bytes, 1,000,000 write cycles
Mounting Assembled unit on "Din rail" support of 35mm
Dimensions 3.8’’ x 6.4’’ (96.52mm x 162.56mm)
Lithium battery 3V CRI220 to keep the time in case of failure


  • The settings of the CCLK-1004 can be done using the main screen or with the Cristal Controls software name «BACnet Browser».
  • The main adjustable parameters are setting the lux reading, setpoints or when «on» and «off» will be activated.
  • More parameters can also be set for the operation or the network communication.
Operation schedule
  • Each of the 4 outputs can have its own weekly schedule.
  • Every day of the week can contain up to 4 orders applying to the output.
  • These four commands can be at a fixed time or calculated according to the time of sunrise or sunset.
  • Can be determined for each output if the calendar dates apply or not. For example, a schedule can control outdoor lighting regardless of the calendar, but another schedule can control indoor lighting taking into account the calendar dates.
  • BACnet network allows reading and writing the 4 outputs status, read the photocell value, read the 0-10V input and set different options.
  • CCLK-1004 has a dual speed network port with auto negotiation capability for any 10Mbit or 100Mbit connections.



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