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La carte de contrôle KC-600 supporte les objets BACnet de type « Device »: jusqu’à 66 objets BACnet de type « Binary Input » pour représenter les relais contrôlés.
Supplementary inputs/outputs supported “device BACnet” with the KC-621/KC-631.

  • Lighting Controller BACnet Ethernet IP conforming to the standards of BACnet
  • Card confirms to design standards required by BTL operating in a native BACnet environment
  • On board connections:
    • Bacnet/IP
    • Modbus between input and output control cards
    • Local USB port for local PC connection
  • KC-600 incorporates also:
    • IP Ethernet Port c/w RJ45 connector
    • Modbus Port (4)
    • USB Port for local PC connection
    • Dry contact inputs, switches (2)


Connection Port RJ45 port Ethernet IP
Communication port BACnet – Ethernet IP
Interoperability functions « Time-ON Extension », « Warning », « ON Only », « OFF Only »
Supply 24 VAC, 150 mA class 2
Environment - temperature 0 °C to 50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F)
- humidity (without condensation) 10% to 90%
IEC Standards Compliance Noise suppression/IEC 60255-22-4 and 61000-4-2
Ouputs Sixteen (16) polarized 24 V outputs c.a.
Inputs 2 binary inputs
  • BACnet Requests Supported
    • Ethernet IP “Native BACnet protocol”
    • 64 BACnet objects of type “binary output” to represent individual output (relays) controlled
    • 32 Output groups by KC-600 card, represented by other objects BACnet of type “binary output”
    • Each created group, is able to show “analog value” in order to indicate the options applied to a group
    • 32 Object of type “schedule”
    • 32 Objects of type “calendar” (linked to previous)
    • Objects of type “analog value” and “binary value” to allow certain parameters adjustments (mainly communication) of the control card KC-600
  • Override Commands ON/OFF including (ON/OFF/Relinquish)
  • Dedicated K600 - PICS Statement
  • Auto-addressable Modbus network linked to internal network (within panel)
  • Astronomic time clock, Sunrise – Sunset Management
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time Adjustment
  • Multiple Group Management (up to 32 groups)
  • Networkable and Interoperable


  • Low voltage lighting control interoperability with a Building automation system in a BACnet Ethernet IP network.



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