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The KC-621 is a 16-input Modbus control module of the K6 series.

  • The input lighting control card KC-621 is designed to control a range of 16 low voltage switches and occupancy sensors or dry contact management.
  • The design and construction uses Modbus to enable intercommunication between the (4) input cards, (4) output cards & (1) Native BACnet KC-600 control card assembled in the same low voltage lighting control panel.
  • RS-485 (1) connector allowing connections to an internal Modbus network.
  • Manual address via rotary switch: Each card comes with two selectors.
  • The KC-621 supports the management of 16 inputs such as:
    • Dry Contact, low voltage switches ON/OFF
    • Occupancy sensor or photocell


Communication – Modbus TCP RS-485
- Manual address device (two rotary selectors) address allocation (0-255) of each of the cards to the Modbus network of each panel
Communication status Set of lights
Sixteen (16) digital inputs for order management - switch (16)
- presence detector
- Light detector
Supply 24 VAC, 150 mA class 2 c / a LED indicator
Environment – temperature 0° C to 50° C (32° F to 112° F)
- humidity (without condensation) 10% to 90%
IEC Standards Compliance Noise suppression/IEC 60255-22-4 and 61000-4-2
  • Internal Modbus Network
  • Multiple Group Assignment
  • Control ON/OFF including “Relinquish”


  • Linked to the Native BACnet KC-600 the KC-621 input cards assure programmable inputs for all ON/OFF commands generated by the switches or occupancy sensors connected. Each control point linked to the inputs allows the management of the overall low voltage lighting control system. Each of the K600 BACnet control cards reads and transmits the status of each input in real time:
    • management of groups and inputs
    • input status management



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