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The KC-811 is an astronomical clock Built-In scheduler. It is easy programmable, commissioning and uses by LonWorks Network communication with Kameleon software.

  • Astronomical Clock
  • Built-In Scheduler
  • Used for Scheduler or Serial Port
  • Simple Wiring. Uses a Twisted Pair for the Network
  • Easy Programmable and Commissioning
  • Uses LonWorks Network Communication
  • Flash Memory


Microprocessor Echelonᴹᴰ 3150ᴹᴰ
Communications ports RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 (and option), debit: TX 115 kbps; RX 4.8 kbps
Transmitter-receiver FTT-10A
Communications network LonWorksᴹᴰ, Echelonᴹᴰ on pairs of twisted wires n ° 22
Range Distance: Up to 2700 meters (8 858 ft) in bus mode and up to 500 meters (1 640 ft) in free topology, without repeater
Analog input Two inputs from 0 to 10 V or resistive (photocell)
Supply 24 Vc.a. 125 mA with center plug
Terminals Pluggable
Temperature 0 ºC to 50 ºC (32 ºF to 122 ºF) (Relative humidity 10 to 90% (non-condensing))
Dimensions 110 mm x 180 mm (4,3 po x 7,0 po)
Mounting 4x Standoff 6-32, 0.75’’
IEC Standards Compliance IEC 60255-22-4:Fast Transient Disturbance Tests and 61000-4-2
  • Can be configured with LNS based tool (plugin available) or with K8 software
  • Compatible in all Kameleon Series Enclosures


    The KC-811 is an astronomical clock for creating schedules. It can be used as a programmer on a LonWorks network or used as a serial port.



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