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Cristal controls photocell sensors control lighting according to measured ambient lighting in a space. Basic on/off units signal a connected power pack to turn lights off when ambient levels are high enough that desired overall light levels are maintained.

Units with the daylight harvesting (dimming) option track a space’s overall illumination and dim connected lighting to achieve energy savings. During times of high daylight contribution to a space, controlled artificial lighting will be gradually dimmed to a minimum dimmed level. During times of no or low daylight contribution, controlled artificial lighting will increase back up to its maximum level. The sensors can also be configured to signal a connected power pack to switch lighting off completely in maintained high daylight conditions. Additional configurable parameters include high & low trim levels and fade rates.

All photocells provide the option of selecting the ambient light threshold (e.g., setpoint) from a range of preset values or running an auto-selection mode where the unit will determine the setpoint based on the measured amount of light it is controlling.


Operating voltage 12-24 VAC / VDC
Current 2mA
Dimming capacity 50mA
Dimming compatibility 0-10 VDC Ballasts or Drivers Compliant with IEC 60929 Annex E.2
Size 4.00” Diameter x 1.25” H (10.16 x 3.17 cm)
Weight 4.75 oz
Color white
Operating temperature -10 ° F to 122 ° F (14 ° C to 50 ° C)
Relative humidity 0-95% Non-Condensing, Indoor Use Only
Operational modes
Daylight Harvesting to Low Trim
Daylight Harvesting to Off (requires power pack)
Photocell Override (On/ Off)
Code compliance Sensors can be used to meet ASHRAE 90.1, IECC, & Title 24 energy code requirements
  • Auto-Setpoint Selection Mode
  • Adjustable High & Low Dimming Trim Level
  • Works Together w/ Low Voltage Occupancy ensors
  • Compact Size and Matte Finish
  • Four Contractor Friendly Mounting Methods
  • Mounting Nipple Attachment with Integrated Hole Saw


There are two types of photocell operation; ON/OFF PHOTOCELL CONTROL and DAYLIGHT HARVESTING CONTROL (see descriptions below). A photocell sensor can be used by itself (e.g., STANDALONE operation) or together with low voltage occupancy sensors. Only one photocell sensor should be configured to control any particular group of lights.



  • Recommended for public spaces (hallways, entryways, etc) where fully switching lighting off/on will not be noticed.
  • Photocell output (blue wire) will turn lights off if ambient light level surpasses threshold and back on if level drops.
  • To prevent cycling of lights back on after lighting is turned off, a “deadband” level equal to the measured level of light being controlled is continously maintained in the unit. For lighting to turn off the ambient light level must be higher than the sum of the setpoint and the deadband.


  • Recommend for scpaces where it is important to not distract occupants (e.g., offices, classrooms),
  • Unit will gradually dim lighting in order to maximize energy savings while maintaining desired overall lighting level.
  • After dimming to low trim level, unit can optionally be enabled to turn off lights completely.


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