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The ceiling motion sensors – low voltage series are occupancy and vacancy sensors.

This product line offers 3 models: 360° Passive Infrared (PIR) technology , Ultrasonic technology and Dual Tech that combine both PIR and Ultrasonic. The detection area is up to 1000 ft2 (93 m2) with a PIR sensor and up to 2000 ft2 (186m2) when Ultrasonic is present.

It is suited for use in business and office to detect occupancy and to control the light to save energy. Occupancy Mode and Vacancy Mode are selectable for the installer. The ambient light control system prevents the sensor from turning ON the light if the ambient light is sufficient.


Illumination Range 0.5 to 250 footcandles (5.4 to 2691 lux)
Detection Area
Passive Infrared (PIR): 1000 ft2 (92.9 m2)
Ultrasonic: 2000 ft2 (185 m2)
Power Input 24Vdc, 16 mA (up to 22mA with Ultrasonic)
EMS Output 1 (dry contact NO/NC, 1 A, 24 Vdc, resistive)
Conductors 7
Standard UL and cUL Listed, FCC
  • Adjustable motion sensor sensitivity
  • Adjustable delay OFF time (15 s to 30 min)
  • Selectable Occupancy and Vacancy modes
  • “By Pass” function to manually switch ON the load
  • Dry contact function available for linking to Building Automation System
  • Ambient light level control setting (disable in vacancy mode)
  • Designed for indoor use only
  • These sensors are suited for single-gang and round fixture box


  • Business
  • Offices



675.17 kB


721.57 kB

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